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“Brilliant. Much more than a weaning book. The best family cookbook I now own”

Penny (Amazon review of our BLW Recipe Book)

“It's become my day to day inspiration for family meals.”

Vic (Amazon Review)

“The ONLY weaning book you will need.”

 Jen (Amazon Review)

“I left the workshop full of ideas and the next day he ate salmon. Unbelievable!”

Sam (Managing Fussy Eaters Workshop)

"Thanks very much for the workshop - it was really helpful. I can now understand how we got to this point and I know what we need to work on."

Neela (Managing Fussy Eaters Workshop)

"The report is brilliant - thank you. We have completed the first steps already!"

Janine (Fussy Eating One to One Consultation)

"Thank you both for giving me the ideas and options you have. I am very happy with the results."

Irene (Fussy Eating One to One Consultation)

“Thank you so much. Best money I have ever spent.”

Emma (Fussy Eating Skype Consultation)

If you need weaning support or have fussy eating issues and would like our help, contact us.