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book: Worry-free weaning

Empowering parents to make informed decisions

It's not about WHAT your child eats that is important when introducing solids, but HOW your child eats. One of your jobs as a parent is to teach your child. Encourage them to form eating habits and an approach to food that will enable them to make healthy choices when you're not around to guide them.

"Eat one more mouthful and you can have dessert"

"I'm weaning early because he is a big baby"

"She won't try anything new"

"I think I want to do a bit of baby-led weaning and purees"

Does this sound like you? Yummy Discoveries: Worry-free weaning can help.

No more battles or worry as to whether you are doing the right thing. Just confidence in your own approach to feeding your family.

As health professionals, we are science-based parents yet believe ultimately you know what's best for your child. This book aims to arm you with the facts, based on scientific research, so you can make an informed decision based on your own beliefs and principles. Packed with hundreds of references to back-up our advice based on years of working with families of fussy eaters we know you won't be disappointed.

Worry-free weaning can help you teach your child the skills to eat right (plus it has lots of recipes in it too!)

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