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How we can help you

How you wean your child can impact their eating habits for life. This is why we have made so many FREE resources available to you to get you off to the best start with weaning and prevent a fussy eater.

We can help you in a number of ways:

  • FREE Blog – Get recipes, weaning advice and tips for managing a fussy eater.
  • FREE Preventing Fussy Eaters Seminar- Learn how to get off to a good start with BLW by coming along to one of our FREE BLW seminars. Coming soon.
  • FREE Evidence-based Weaning Video - For those who can't make our talks, we are putting together a video of how to get off to the best start with weaning. Coming sooon.
  • FREE Newsletter – Keep up-to-date with the latest research, exclusive articles, recipes and priority booking for our events. Sign-up here.
  • FREE Facebook / Twitter - Get your questions answered and keep up to date with the latest news and resarch on our Facebook page and twitter accounts. Keep it to yourself, but we enjoy giving away freebies!
  • Yummy Discoveries: Worry-free Weaning Book - The ultimate handbook for every weaning parent. Read the evidence, get hints, tips and recipes and catch-up on the case studies of the many families we have helped.
  • Yummy Discoveries: The Baby-led Weaning Recipe Book - We’ve done it with our little ones so let us share with you our recipes, hints and tips. Download a free sample when you sign up to our newsletter.
  • Quick Reference Guides – Get immediate advice and strategies around BLW and managing a fussy eater.
  • Fussy Eating Workshops – Children's centres, NCT groups and other organisations organise group workshops for families to learn common strategies for managing a fussy eater.
  • Family Consultations – whether you’re getting started with weaning or managing a fussy eater, our individual family consultations at our clinics in London, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire are personalised to suit your needs.
  • Telephone/Skype Consultations – Can’t make it to our clinics? Don’t worry. Thanks to modern technology, we can still help you.

We love to chat and you can get in touch with us by emailing us at info@yummydiscoveries.com. If you have specific questions around fussy eating and weaning, post them on our facebook page and we will do our best to get back to you.