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Food Throwing

Posted by felicity Tuesday, August 05, 2014

When your child throws food on the floor, the most natural response from any parent is to say something along the lines of “don’t throw food on the floor”.


Young children don't understand 'don't'.

At a young age, children are unable to process a negative command and even when they are a little older they are often inconsistent. So what they hear from you are the key words of “throw food on the floor” omitting the key “don’t” from their processing.

Tip: Some parents find that using a positive statement such as “food stays on the plate” or something to that nature can help

It is also possible that your little one is showing signs of being in the Trajectory Schema. 

Read more about Schemas and in particular throwing food in the Trajectory Schema.

Read more about schemas, food throwing and other ways to support your child with their eating in the chapter "Feeding the schema" in our latest book Worry-free Weaning.

Dr Anna Walton is a chartered counselling psychologist and Felicity Bertin is a registered paediatric osteopath. They work together supporting families with children who have fussy eating habits.