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Burgers and Bears in Boxes

Posted by felicity Saturday, August 04, 2012


The National Association of Sport and Physical Education advise that toddlers enjoy physical activity for around 1 ½ hours each day.  As the summer holidays and olympic games are in full swing there's no better time than now to get your kids outside doing something fun. 

How about inviting some friends over and having a “bear in a box” race?
Get your little one to choose their racing teddy then get a small cardboard box that accommodates the teddy.  Line the inside of the box with colourful tissue paper (or kitchen roll) for the teddy to sit on.  Then decorate the outside of the box using glitter, paint, stickers, crayons or whatever else takes your fancy.
Get an adult to pierce a hole in the front of the box near the top edge then thread a piece of string through it and tie a knot ensuring the string doesn't come back through.  Thereby creating a string handle for the box to be pulled along by.
Get the children to place their teddies in their boxes and line up in a row.  After a “ready steady go!” get the kiddies to race, pulling their teddies along in their boxes.  Great fun!
With all that creativity and running around appetites are sure to grow so why not treat them to a healthy, salt free version of burgers n chips.  These are guaranteed to be enjoyed by all the family – and weaning babies!!

Burgers & Chips

Preparation time: 30 minutes
Cooking time 40 minutes
Makes 6-8 burgers
1 chilli, (deseeded and chopped finely)
2 cloves of garlic (chopped)
1 small leek (chopped finely)
500g turkey mince
20g of grated parmesan (optional)
Black pepper
Pinch of mixed herbs
2 slices of bread made into breadcrumbs
1 egg (beaten)
4 baking potatoes
Olive oil
TO SERVE: Place the cooked burgers into buns with sliced tomato and lettuce or maybe a slice of cheese
1.      Preheat the oven to 220C (200C fan) , Gas mark 7, and place a roasting tin in the oven with several glugs of olive oil
2.      Cut your potatoes into wedges then rinse under cold water
3.      Place into a pan of boiling water and boil for 5-7 minutes
4.      Drain and shake the wedges about a bit in the pan to fluff them up
5.      Pat dry with kitchen towel then place into the roasting tin and cover with the oil
6.      Place in the oven for about 30-40 minutes, turning the wedges once half way through
7.      Meanwhile fry the leek, garlic and chilli on a low heat until the leek is soft.  Take off the heat and leave to cool
8.      Place the turkey mince, parmesan, pepper, mixed herbs and breadcrumbs into a bowl
9.      Once cooled place the cooked leek, garlic and chilli in the bowl with the mince and other ingredients
10.  With your hands mix the ingredients together
11.  Then add the beaten egg and continue to mix the ingredients together by hand.
12.  Take a small handful of mixture and make it into a pattie.
13.  When you have your patties heat some oil in a frying  pan over a medium heat.  Cook the patties until golden brown and cooked through, turning frequently

Photograph courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

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