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Intolerance and Allergies

If you have a history of allergies in your family, it can be wise to introduce a new food and wait for a few days to spot a reaction before introducing further new foods.  When to introduce wheat and gluten is always a source of debate and some experts suggest waiting until your baby is twelve months. We have plenty of wheat and gluten free recipes on our website and if you’re unsure, discuss your concerns with your GP or health visitor.

Many acidic foods, such as citrus fruits and tomato-based sauces can cause an allergy-ring around your baby’s bottom. Strawberries, pineapples and grapes may also trigger the rash so avoid the suspect food for a few days and see if it disappears. This rash is often a sign of a temporary intolerance alerting you that the digestive system isn’t quite developed enough to process that food just yet. Allow a few days or weeks to pass and try again and always, if in doubt, speak to your GP or health visitor.