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First Foods

If you are introducing solid food, for whatever reason, under around 6 months then chances are the motor skills are not going to be there for your baby to self-feed. This leaves one option: spoon-feeding purees. There are plenty of websites and books you can read which will talk you through how to mush a carrot, but this isn't one of them.

If however your baby has the motor skills to self-feed then there is a whole array of interesting foods, tastes and textures you can get stuck in with.

When it comes to first foods, it is important to remember that...

toys and food are experienced in the same way for babies

The steps they go through to engage with food is the same steps they use to engage with toys:

1. See a toy that sparks their interest

2. Reach out for the toy

3. Explore it further with their mouth

With this in mind, it's difficult to understand why so many parents are encouraged by health professionals to start their children on baby rice or baby porridge.

How many beige baby toys do you have?

Starting your baby off on a beige, bland food is like asking them to interact and show interest in a beige, bland toy.

Generalised mouthing is how children experience the dimensions of objects

This video shows how Sophie (21 weeks) explores the different dimensions of the toy. The same steps she will follow with food.
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