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Day 19 - Butternut Squash & Chickpea Curry

I'm always looking for no-prep slow cooker recipes, so when a friend posted this one on her Facebook page I had to give it a go. Here's the link to the recipe, but I'm so scared they're going to remove the page and I'm never going to find it again, I've also popped it in our Recipes section.

So this is a new recipe and new food for my family and I'm often getting asked how my own children manage with new foods. After all, I work with fussy eaters, have co-authored a book around preventing fussy eaters so how is the reality at home? I use the same rules when we encounter something new as I suggest to parents who see / email / skype us.

Here's a picture of our meal this evening:


So you can see Sophie, who is weaning, has the plate in the top left; mine is the massive portion in the bottom and Lucas, who is 5 years old has the portion on the top right. We have a big bowl of steamed veggies for the middle of the table to share.


Here is Sophie enjoying the butternut squash from the curry and her veggies. I didn't give her any of the chickpeas as I hadn't cooked it for quite long enough and they were a bit hard. I also avoided the rice because I just wasn't up for the cleaning it up from the floor today.

Because it is a new food, I have only put 1 tbsp of the curry on Lucas' plate. He enjoys rice and the veggies so I have made those the main part of the meal. Today is also a day we have pudding (every other day) so if is he still hungry from not eating the curry, he will have more food after. We have several rules in our house, including:

- We try everything

- We have permission to spit it out if we don't like it

To my surprise, and delight, Lucas seemed to enjoy the curry:

The amount of food Sophie is eating is certainly increasing. I regularly offer her water throughout the day, whenever I have some. This is how our day went today:

6am: Breastfeed

7.15am: Offered breakfast of watermelon, toast (and 3 shreddies from my bowl). It was played with but none of it eaten

10.30am: Offered Sophie 1/4 of a banana which she ate

12.30pm: Breastfeed to sleep (afternoon nap)

4.45 pm: Dinner

6pm: Breastfeed to sleep