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Baby Led Weaning

Thursday, August 01, 2013


Baby-led weaning (BLW) is a way of introducing solid foods that allows babies to feed themselves – there’s no spoon-feeding and no purées. This differs from the more traditional Parent-led weaning, where you spoon-feed your baby puréed and mashed foods. The evidence for the benefits of BLW have nothing to do with the types of food you serve your children but your ability to allow them to self-feed. So, if you want to offer your baby puree then we will support you and educate you how to do this in the way that maintains your child's ability to self-regulate their appetite.

Traditional weaning views weaning as the process of moving from milk to solids but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Weaning is actually an opportunity for your child to begin learning about, exploring and interacting with food, while their milk feeds continue to supply all the nutrition they need during the process.

We are passionate about food and we love to cook. Like you, we want the best for our children, yet we found that all the weaning books on the market were laden with refined sugar and salt. Using our own experience as parents, we therefore developed our own recipes, tips and tricks for weaning and wrote them all down. We tested our recipes on our own families and friends and in 2013 we published our first book: Yummy Discoveries – The Baby-Led Weaning Recipe Book.

In response to parent-demand we put down on paper our unique approach to how we work with families and their eating difficulties. Backed-up with hundreds of references we published our second-book, again with HALE Ltd titled Yummy Discoveries: Worry-free weaning.